Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Patients of Geoff Guest Series

So what's the Patients of Geoff Guest Series?

Geoff has a wealth of practical healing experience behind him, with over forty years at Petford Training Camp attending to people's health problems. He has found a cure for AIDS in a native Australian plant, helped >50 people come off ice addictions, helped thousands with alcoholism and other substance abuse conditions, or depression and anxiety, and acted crucially in suicide scenarios.

Patients who come to him sit at the table, having a cuppa, having a chat. The setting is relaxed and informal, and many people are unaware of the amount of information that Geoff acquires in these moments. To assist him, he employs a combination of techniques, including a strong emphasis on the debilitating effects of grains and sugar, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and EEG (a form of brain testing and training).

The anonymous patients that I am posting are past case studies who have passed through Petford at some time. These case studies are captured quickly, in the evenings, after the day's work, as brief vignettes, glimpses into the healing practice of Geoff, in the hope that they will serve in others' learning and healing journey, and as a record of Geoff's knowledge and wisdom. I hope you enjoy.

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