Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Patients of Geoff Guest #1

Case Study: Patient 1# Annie

An impending storm and their plane flight the next day meant the consultation only lasted for one day. Therefore only a fraction of the information desired was communicated. Name changed.

Under 40. Chinese descent. University educated, works for a drug company. Was referred by a past client. Interested in our work, also coming with some health concerns. Multiple unsuccessful treatments in past.

Grandma lived in war-torn and bombed city in China with food shortage so suffered nutrient deficiency and stress.
Mother – narrow hips, difficulty with birth, caesarean birth including antibiotics prior to and after.  Breastfed only for a few days as allergic to casine in milk.

Physical Features
Face – unusual facial features, asymmetrical,
Teeth – uneven, signs of fatigue/tiredness.
Skin/eyes/movement – signs of fatigue
Organs – complications so something was removed in gut through surgery.
Hips – narrow, likely difficulty with birth. Suspected link between organ surgery and hip width.

  • lots of vitamin and minerals but with limited advice or intention.
  • Allegedly removed wheat for one month but did not notice improvement
  • Lacto-intolerant and cannot eat dairy
  • High in rice

Female side can be effected genetically for three generations – dismorphology – likely the case with Grandma with war leading to facial misdevelopment.
A lot of people try going off wheat or gluten free but do not actually succeed in having the impact they desire. e.g. because of corn starch in gluten free products. Possibly waste milk products like whey which are used in other products like noodles may have been interfering with regime.
Antibiotics in caesearan would have majorly damaged gut bacteria, likely leading to lacto intolerance.

Adequately remove all wheat, other grains when possible.
Referred to various website and books:
As usual Geoff heavily emphasised that they research themselves and not take Geoff’s word by itself.

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